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6.2. Building Up an Effective IP Shield for a Multinational Efficiency

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Track: 6. Smart Society. Digital Economy
Discussion session

In the discussion we will discuss how to build up effective IP shield for a multinational efficienсy

We will structure the discussion into elements of IP-effectiveness and IP-efficiency:

- IP effectiveness: building up an IP shield for group companies, idea generation programs, especially for digitalization and Industry 4.0, IP focus development as well as annually strategic IP- dialogues, competitor observation programs

- IP efficiency: having our businesses decide on their IP coverage, building a group wide IP community, managing trademarks strategically as IP, finding the right mix of external and internal service providers for IP generation 

Some context will be given at the beginning in small presentations.


Stephan Wolke

Head of Intellectual Property & Services, ThyssenKrupp

* The Programme may be subject to change