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1.2. Building Up an Effective IP Shield for a Multinational Efficiency

Friday, May 17
10:00 - 12:00

Hall #1, General Staff Building (6-8, Dvortsovaya sq.)

In the discussion we will discuss how to build up effective IP shield for a multinational efficienсy

We will structure the discussion into elements of IP-effectiveness and IP-efficiency:

- IP effectiveness: building up an IP shield for group companies, idea generation programs, especially for digitalization and Industry 4.0, IP focus development as well as annually strategic IP- dialogues, competitor observation programs

- IP efficiency: having our businesses decide on their IP coverage, building a group wide IP community, managing trademarks strategically as IP, finding the right mix of external and internal service providers for IP generation 

Some context will be given at the beginning in small presentations.


Stephan Wolke

Head of Intellectual Property & Services, ThyssenKrupp


Dr. Stephan Wolke studied physics, philosophy and macroeconomics at Bonn university and graduated with a Doctorate in physics. He spent the first five years of his professional career at McKinsey & Company. After founding (and having sold) two own businesses Stephan served in several functions at Bayer AG as well as Danaher Corp. He joined ThyssenKrupp in 2011 and is on corporate level responsible for Intellectual Property & Services (Head of Corporate Intellectual Property at ThyssenKrupp) as a well as head of management board of ThyssenKrupp Intellectual Property GmbH. He is 50 and father of three sons.


Andrew Crane Agor

Vice President & Intellectual Property Associate General Counsel, Philip Morris International

Steven Crown

Vice President – Deputy General Counsel, Microsoft Corporation

Igor Kornev

Country Legal Counsel (Russia and CIS), Boeing

Claudia Pappas

Head of Intellectual Property Team Trademarks, ThyssenKrupp

Dixon Soh

Head of Legal & Deputy Director (IP Strategy), IPOS International


Dixon has practised law as a private practitioner, in-house legal counsel and now as a lawyer in the public sector.  Over the years, he has advised numerous entities of varying structure including MNCs and SMEs across many different industries, such as IT, e-commerce, financial technology and media.  Dixon is very familiar with the challenges experienced by businesses throughout South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Prior to joining public service, Dixon was serving one of the fastest growing ‘Unicorn’ in Southeast Asia as an in-house legal counsel specializing in the area of intellectual property and commercial dispute resolution.

Dixon is a graduate of the University of Tasmania and holds qualifications to practise law in Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

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