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8.2. What Makes a Good Arbitrator?

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Track: 8. Dispute Resolution. Litigation and Arbitration Practice. Execution of Courts’ and Arbitral Decisions
Discussion session

Arbitration is only as good as the arbitrators are – this proposition has been widely accepted by the arbitration community today. But what is it that makes for a good arbitrator?

An opportunity to select an arbitrator is one of the greatest benefits of arbitration: whether relying on the parties’ choice or the list system, it allows parties to choose an arbitrator with the qualifications tailored to the specifics of their dispute. There are numerous factors that quite often influence the process of the selection of an arbitrator.

The session will examine the following sets of practical considerations:

  • When does a dispute require an appointment of an arbitrator with specific professional background as a former judge, a practitioner, a specialist with business knowledge of a particular sphere? When do gender and age matter and to what extent?
  • What steps should parties take in order to choose an arbitrator for a particular dispute?
  • How does a good arbitrator prepare for a hearing? What technics arbitrators use to ensure the efficiency of arbitration?
  • Should an arbitral award be detailed with respect to every argument of the parties?
  • What can be advisable to do if a wing arbitrator is battling too hard for one of the parties?
  • The use of the tribunal’s secretary: how not to overstep?

The discussion aims to provide the audience with the practical guidelines and tools that would facilitate the process of appointment of arbitrators as well as arbitral proceedings in general.

The participants of the discussion are leading Russian and foreign specialists in arbitration, practitioners, in-house counsels, arbitrators, former and acting judges.

* The Programme may be subject to change