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6.1. IP Turnover: From Analog to Digital

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Track: 6. Smart Society. Digital Economy
Discussion session

According to the World Bank, intangible assets such as knowledge and information account for 80% of the global wealth: They are the ones which make the basis of the today’s knowledge-driven economy being far ahead of the industrial age economy. Administration of intellectual property as an institution and regulation of intellectual assets turnover still remain one of the burning issues for all participants of economic processes.

Digital boom has caused the new items of intellectual property to emerge which have rapidly become part of the business environment. At the same time digitalization is a universal tool to simplify all types of transactions with intangible assets involved.

In recent years hot disputes have been related to building up digital infrastructure to enable the turnover of intellectual property; there have been already several examples of such projects, and Russia is staying ahead in this field. However, there are still numerous challenges – both concept- and process-related: requirements to the parties to e-transactions and methods of their identification, legitimacy of such e-transactions for the courts, features of online-platforms etc. 

During the round-table meeting to the professional community will be demonstrated a model of digital environment for intellectual assets turnover. This model has been created by Russian and foreign experts with participation of Excellence Center for Digital Economy Regulation, Skolkovo Foundation and IPChain Association. Representatives of the industry, technical solution developers, national and international regulatory authorities and visionaries, academic scientists and practitioners will also be invited to join the discussion. International practices will make an individual vector of discussion.

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