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2.6. Law as the Art of War

Wednesday, May 15
17:00 - 18:30

Hall #1, General Staff Building (6-8, Dvortsovaya sq.)

The humanity lives in the constant state of ubiquitous war of everyone against everyone. This manifests itself in various forms, but the most prevalent and exquisite form is the legal confrontation. We can compare this confrontation to art. Law is the art of containing the world from war and of reaching peace by the means of war. The law relieves the barbaric contradictions between people, replacing the dogmas about the rights of the strong with legal systems. The art of a juridical war is in terminating this war with the minimum of casualties.

Is war indeed the sole way to peace and is law the tool capable of stopping the war and of guaranteeing the peace? 

How much the era of globalization allows for preserving law as the art of civilized war?

Are sanctions a new form of legal wars or are they the subject of anti law?

Should attorneys, judges, and prosecutors be deemed subjects or objects of this war? 

Is it true that the canons won’t fire while the debates are abound in the lobbies of international institutions? How ideal are ICC, ECHR, Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague among others supranational rights protection mechanisms and are they capable of preventing real wars?

Cyberattacks in today’s world and interference into the domestic issues of foreign states: is this the new form of war and can law regulate them? 

Social media and mass media: do they hold a role of an unbiased observer or are they an active participant of the warfare? 

PR and law: what is an art of hybrid wars?

Our talk show will be addressing these and other relevant topics in greater detail.


Konstantin Dobrynin

State Secretary – Vice President, Russian Federal Bar Association

Anton Kuznetsov-Krasovskiy

Russian Journalist – Special Adviser on Media Relations, Pen & Paper Attorneys at Law


Kendall Coffey

Partner, Coffey Burlington

Anton Imennov

Managing Partner, Pen & Paper Attorneys at Law

Anton Ivanov

Academic adviser at the faculty of law, Higher school of economics

Andrey Klishas

Chaiman of the Federation Committee on Constitutional Legislation and Statebuilding, Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

August Christopher Meyer

Director, Svoboda Corporation

Yuriy Pilipenko

President, Russian Federal Chamber of Lawyers

Natalya Timakova

Deputy Сhairman – Member of the Board, VEB.RF

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