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10.1. Tough Standards on Soft Skills

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Track: 10. Legal Profession. Legal Department Management. Notary
Discussion Session of Russian Corporate Counsel Association in Format of World Cafe

Discussion Session of Russian Corporate Counsel Association.


Soft Skills are a subject deemed very important by lawyers. Not only has it not lost its relevance with the passage of years; it has actually developed some new facets to it. This year, the discussion on court skills, new competencies, the meaning of a lawyer’s digital skills and, last but not least, the awesome power of inspiration will take on an entirely new format.

World Cafe is a unique format of focused informal discussion practiced successfully worldwide as a method to address formidable challenges, find creative solutions and hone new angles on the familiar phenomena. The difference about this format is that the intensive idea-sharing, happening within a short spell of time, propels the discussion to a higher professional level.   
The World Cafe to be hosted by RCCA at SPBILF ‘2019 will incorporate four areas. One will be dedicated to experts discussing new concepts and skills applied in litigation and, specifically, those pertaining to client relations, case preparation and courtroom presentation. This area will be moderated by Alexandra Maidannik, Managing Partner with Delcredere Attorneys-at-Law.  

The guests at the second table will focus on the subject of “Change Control as a Critical Soft Skill.” The guests will be invited to share their change leadership knowhow as a new competency by Roman Kvitko, Head of Legal Directorate at Gazprom Neft, and Alexandra Nesterenko, President, NP RCCA.  

The third track will be devoted to the subject of Digital Skills, which is currently in vogue. Ruslan Ibragimov, Vice President for Corporate and Legal Affairs at MTS and Member of the Managing Board of NP RCCA, will offer and invite illuminating insights, discussing the best ways for lawyers to take their bearings in the digital world.  

The fourth area, code-named “Lawyers’ Inspirations,” will strike an informal note as the participants get to meet a Guest Celebrity.  

In the end, you will have received sufficient material to assess your own skills and see if there is any room for improvement!

The entire discussion will be moderated by Yulia Bondarenko, Member of the Managing Board of NP RCCA.

* The Programme may be subject to change