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6.2. Apartment Buildings as Cultural Heritage Sites: Problems of Preservation and Governance

Wednesday, May 16
17:00 - 18:30

Hall #3, General Staff Building (6-8, Dvortsovaya sq.)

The Culture. Education track within the framework of the SPBILF 2018 business programme is going to hold a discussion session on preservation of historical apartment buildings that are essentially cultural property.

Administration of housing legislation and laws on cultural heritage sites has identified numerous gaps and conflicts in the matters of preservation, maintenance and management of historical apartment buildings.

Owners of such premises have an obligation to upkeep common property of historical buildings and therefore bear additional financial and managerial burden compared with the owners of regular apartment buildings.

Lack of financing and involvement from such owners can lead to a loss of a building. People have opposing views on this, ranging from the need to provide state financial support to the owners to confiscation of the premises in accordance with current laws.

In addition, owners are very limited by law in their ability to ensure comfortable living: install air conditioning, burglar alarm, CCTV, boom gates and fences, remodel the premises and retrofit utility systems. All this entails numerous administrative barriers, higher cost of services and longer working time; sometimes it is simply impossible to do so.

Currently we need a dialogue to look for acceptable solutions to preserve historical buildings and ensure safe and comfortable living in them.

During the discussion, experts on cultural preservation, housing maintenance, operation and management who are also responsible for organization, financing and performance of such works will discuss the practice of relevant law enforcement and prospects of its changes.

This session will be especially relevant for lawyers specializing in housing and civil legislation and cultural property protection, as well as public officials and local administration authorities, judges, regional operators, asset management companies and everyone who is interested in the matters of cultural property preservation and housing rights protection.


Yuliya Loginova

Adviser to the Head, Department of Cultural Heritage of Moscow

Mariya Melnikova

Adviser to the Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation


Aleksey Anikin

Chief of General Directorate, Ministry for Emergency Situation of Russia in St.Petersburg

Elena Drapeko

First Deputy Chairperson of the State Duma Committee of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federationon on Culture

Sergey Makarov

Chairman of the Committee for the State Preservation of Historical and Cultural Monuments of the Saint-Petersburg Government

Sergey Mirzoyan

First Deputy Head, Department of Cultural Heritage of Moscow

Denis Shaburov

General Director, NPO «St.Peterburg’s Capital Renovation of Apartment Houses Foundation»

Vladimir Tsvetnov

Director of the Department for State Protection of Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

* The Programme may be subject to change