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Video Addresses for SPBILF 9½: Rule of Corona Participants

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the speakers and partners of the Forum for supporting our online initiative "St. Petersburg International Legal Forum 9 1/2: Rule of Corona" and are glad to share the video messages recorded by outstanding experts for the LF participants.

«Dear colleagues,

I welcome all the participants of St. Petersburg International Legal Forum 9 ½: Rule of corona.

I would like to give a special thanks to the World Health Organization, the Council of Europe, representatives of the UN as well as the bar, notarial system, and justice from all over the world for their interest and support of the Forum.

Despite the needs of lockdown and quarantine, people today are closer than ever, the world is united more than ever, because we are all resolved to overcome the pandemic. Isolation is required to preserve our good health, but under no circumstances should it turn into economic, legal, and social isolation. Our common goal is to share our experience, knowledge, and best practices. Today it is time to put into practice principles of global social responsibility – life and health of the humanity directly depends on it.

We thank doctors and medical staff everywhere – they are round the clock fighting for lives of people. And while doctors are fighting their battle, we – lawyers from all over the world – have to fulfill our duty, which is not to let this world descend into chaos, establish the rule of law and protect human rights.

We have to show more responsibility, rethink those legal measures that have already been taken during this fight with pandemic, define the most valuable practices and elaborate common approach to global legal challenges. We should not hurry to fill this arising void immediately, but act rationally, doing our best not to create excessive limitations, because we are talking about norms and laws that will define shape of global development in the next ten years.

Rephrasing the words of a famous German jurist Rudolf von Jhering, one can say that this period of crisis caused by the coronavirus could contribute to the development of the law more than did decades of stability.

Thus, lawyers internationally now have to deal with unprecedented challenges of quickly changing legal institutions that are particularly necessary in these challenging circumstances. These are new forms of business rehabilitation, simplified bankruptcy procedure, remote trading and telemedicine support, remote employment regulation, securing confidentiality of personal and trade secret in online environment, tool for promotion of constitutional rights and procedures during the epidemics.

In the course of these three days we will participate in legal discussions and will make sure once again than law reflects the maturity of the society and its culture. The history of the world is a testimony to that.

In an era of ancient emperors and great wonders the life of a human wasn’t worth much: humans were sacrificed in the name of gods, thousands were thrown to build monuments to those antiquity. During the tough Middle Ages period human life was worth less than ideas or religious convictions. The Modern times put progress at the center, again forgetting about the value of a human life. And only after terrible wars of the last century human and his wellbeing turned into the highest value. And today every state and every single one of us in particular is taking this proficiency exam in the third article of the Declaration of Human Rights.

Gazprombank has been actively supporting the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum throughout the time of its existence. For us it is a great honor and a chance to make our contribution in the sustainable development of law in Russia and abroad, proving once again that the rule of law, human rights, including the right to the highest attainable standard of health are the constant priorities of the Bank.

To conclude, I would like to wish all the participants of the Forum smooth online communication, high spirits, and most importantly – health to you and your family».

Elena Borisenko – Deputy Chairman of the Board of Management of Gazprombank, SPBILF General Partner

Linos-Alexandre Sicilianos - President, European Court of Human Rights
Francis Gurry - Director General, World Intellectual Property Organization
Helen Durham - Director of International Law and Policy, International Committee of the Red Cross
Lina Rubino - Vice-Secretary General, Italian Supreme Court
Giovanni Ariolli - Adjunct Secretary General, Supreme Court of Italy
Richard Bock - President, Commission for International Notarial Cooperation of the International Union of Notaries, Chief Representative, Federal Chamber of German Civil Law Notaries for International Affairs
Antoine Dejoie - Notary of Vertou (Loire-Atlantique), Representative of the High Council for the Notarial Profession in cooperation with Russia and Central Asian countries
Marta Pertegás - Professor of Private International and Transnational Law, Maastricht University
Fryderyk Zoll - Professor of Law, University of Osnabrueck (Germany), Part 1
Fryderyk Zoll - Professor of Law, University of Osnabrueck (Germany), Part 2
Teresa Cheng - Secretary of Justice of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China
Michael Swainston - QC-Barrister, Brick Court Chambers
Christiane Féral-Schuhl - President, French National Bar Council
Orsolya Toth - Professor of Commercial Law, University of Nottingham (UK); Laureate, SPILF Private Law Prize (2018)
John Flood - Professor of Law and Society, Griffith University Law School (Australia)
Kendall Coffey - Attorney, Partner, Coffey Burlington (USA)
Caroline Fredrickson - Senior Fellow, Brennan Center for Justice; President Emeritus (until 2019), American Constitution Society
Jeremias Adams-Prassl - Professor of Law, University of Oxford; Laureate, SPILF Private Law Prize (2019)
Xavier Francis - President, Inter-Pacific Bar Association