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Offer to conclude an agreement on terms and conditions of Forum participation

This offer is a proposal made by “Conference-centre “Saint-Petersburg International Legal Forum” Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Operator”) to any and all parties interested in participating in the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum 2020 (hereinafter referred to as “Participant”) held by the “St. Petersburg International Legal Forum” Foundation in Saint-Petersburg on May 19 — 23, 2020 (hereinafter referred to as Forum”), to conclude an agreement (hereinafter referred to as “Agreement”) governing the following terms and conditions of participation in the Forum.

The Participant accepts the Operators offer by registering and/or participating in the Forum, which entails the conclusion of the Agreement between Participant and Operator according to para. 3, art. 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.


St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

WHEREAS the Participant plans to participate in the Forum;

WHEREAS the Operator organizes audio/video recording of the Forum (hereinafter referred to as Audio/Video Recording);

WHEREAS in the course of the Forum the Participant will make a speech or take part in a discussion or in any other way express its opinion publicly (hereinafter referred to as Performance);

WHEREAS the Operator plans to upload Audio/Video Recording in the Internet for viewing and/or listening by a limited or unlimited number of persons for a consideration and/or free of charge;

THEREFORE the Parties agreed as follows:

1.1. By signing this Agreement, the Participant transfers to the Operator free of charge nonexclusive license for the informative part of Participant’s speech (Content) and for arranging audio/video recording of the Performance in order to produce an Audio/Video Recording that shall be valid throughout the validity period of Participant’s exclusive rights worldwide.

1.2. The Operator hereby agrees and confirms that the exclusive right to the Content in full belongs to the Participant.

1.3. The Participant hereby agrees and confirms that the exclusive right to Audio/Video Recording in full belongs to the Operator from the moment of its production.

1.4. The Participant does not reserve any and all rights to Audio/Video Recording, including the right to possess or use it, which includes using it for its own purposes or through a third party, or assigning, transferring, alienating, licensing or encumbering it in any other way.

1.5. The Operator has the right to transfer any and all rights to use the Audio/Video Recording to a third party without Participant’s consent.

1.6. When uploading the Audio/Video Recording in the Internet, the Operator has the right to indicate the Participant’s full name, position, place of the Participant’s work, his/her academic title and academic degree, and the Participant agrees to such indication. The Operator is also entitled to publish the Participant’s image in the Internet, and the Participant agrees to such publication. Format and means of indication/publication of the information stated therein are defined by the Operator independently without Participant’s consent.

1.7. By agreeing with the terms and conditions of the present Agreement, the Participant attests to and guarantees: the correctness of the information indicated at the Forum registration; voluntary nature of the present Agreement, including familiarization with all terms and conditions of the offer, its understanding and full and unconditional agreement with them.

1.8. The present Agreement shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation.

1.9. Any arguments, disputes and claims that may arise out of the present Agreement shall be settled under a pre-action protocol. The party that considers its rights to be violated shall send another party an email with a claim indicating any arising disputes. If the dispute is not settled within 30 working days after the claim is received, the dispute is referred to a Russian Federation court with territorial jurisdiction in Operator’s address.

1.10. This Policy is adopted in the Russian language. This Policy is translated into English for information purposes. In case of discrepancies between the texts of the Policy in Russian and in English, text in Russian shall prevail.


Full name: “Conference-centre “Saint-Petersburg International Legal Forum” Company Limited

Short name: “СС “SPBILF” Ltd.

Legal Address: Fontanka emb., 50, lit. E,suites 1N, 2N, office 110, 191002, St. Petersburg, Russia

phone/fax (812) 449-36-21

TIN 7840463060/ Tax Registration Reason Code 784001001

State registration number 1117847609791

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