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Business programme

Plenary Session ‘Future of the Legal Profession’

2. Legal Profession

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2.1. Legal Industry Evolution: From Letter to Digit (Discussion Session of Russian Corporate Counsel Association)

2.2. Reform of the Legal Service Market

2.3. Philosophy of Mistakes (Talk Show)

2.4. Law Firms: Anatomy of Survival (Talk Show)

2.5. Women in Cross-Border Teams: the Story of Success

2.6. Law Firm Management (Talk Show)

7. Subsoil Use. Energy. Ecology

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11. Corporate law

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Lectures and Presentations

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Dialogue with Federal Bailiff Service of the Russian Federation. Lecture by Dmitry Aristov, Director

Lecture by Valery Zorkin, Chairman of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation

Presentation by the EMERCOM of Russia of Implementation of the Control and Supervisory Actions Reform

Presentation by the Federal Notary Chamber "Information Technologies in Notariat"


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Conference of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation “Constitution in the Global Change Epoch and the Goals of Constitutional Review”

Conference of the Russian Federal Bar “The Regulation of Legal Services: External and Internal Aspects”

Moot Courts

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Arbitration Battle: Team Russia v. Team World

Moot Court on Tax Law (to be specified)

International Insolvency Forum

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Plenary Session and Opening Ceremony

1. Reform of the Bankruptcy Professional Community

2. Prospects for cross-border insolvency regulation in the EAEU: how to open the boundaries for the foreign insolvencies and not to become affected by regulatory competition and forum shopping?

3. Financial Institutions Rehabilitation: Approaches, Problems, Prospects (organized by the Bank of Russia)

4. Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention (organized by the Russian Federal Tax Service)

5. Trends in the Development of Legal Regulation of Bankruptcy in Russia and Foreign Countries (organized by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation)

6. Bankruptcy as the Problem of Creditors

7. Social Aspect of Insolvency

* The Programme may be subject to change