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4.8. Brainstorm 'New Funded System for Employees 'Investment Pension Capital'

Track: 4. Investments. Finance


Dear colleagues, please note that the participants of the VII St Petersburg International Legal Forum have a unique opportunity to actually influence the development of a legal mechanism for a new funded system titled Individual Pension Capital valid for all working citizens.

It would be completely wrong to assume that this topic is relevant only for the pensioners.

The responsibility for forming the Individual Pension Capital system will be borne mainly by employer organizations and their lawyers who will have to put this responsibility into practice.

Do you want to know what all organizations will have to do with respect to their workers already after January 1, 2018?

Do you want to influence your future duties to the workers and make them rational and optimal?

Then come to our collective BRAINSTORM!

Main discussion topics:

  • Can an employer by default sign up their employees for Individual Pension Capital system that will form their savings by making deductions from their wages;
  • Or maybe instead of such sign-up by default it will be better to use collective employment agreements and labour contracts between employers and employees;
  • Which workers will be included in Individual Pension Capital;
  • The fate of previous pension savings of workers made through the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation;
  • Functions of employers as “agents” of employees in Individual Pension Capital system;
  • Functions of employers as “agents” of private pension funds in Individual Pension Capital (brainstorm participants will have a unique opportunity to discuss this question directly with private pension fund managers);
  • Who is a “pension administrator” and how will employers engage with them within the framework of Individual Pension Capital;
  • Taxation of payments from workers’ earnings to form their individual pension capital;
  • Who (and how) is going to pay for employers’ administrative costs to establish Individual Pension Capital system?


Yuriy Voronin

Chief of Staff of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation


Hans-Horst Konkolewsky

Secretary General of the International Social Security Association (ISSA)

Vladimir Chistyukhin

Deputy Chairman, Bank of Russia

Nikolay Kozlov

Deputy Chairman of the Board, Pension Fund of the Russian Federation

Aleksey Moiseev

Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation

Aleksandr Safonov

Vice-Rector for Development, Educational Institution of Trade Unions of Higher Education 'Academy of Labour and Social Relations'

Konstantin Ugryumov

President, National Association of Non-State Pension Funds

First Row Expert

Zinaida Bakhchevanova

Manager of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation Department for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region

Evgeny Yakushev

Executive Director, Non-State Pension Fund 'Safmar'

*This schedule may be subject to change