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4.7. Financial Market Supervision and Self-Regulation of Financial Market Players: How to Get Along?

Track: 4. Investments. Finance


The purpose of self-regulatory organizations (SROs) on the financial market is to harmonize the actions of financial organizations, monitor SROs’ compliance with the Russian legislation and SRO standards, and to protect the rights and interests of the recipients of the SRO-provided financial services.

One of the main functions of SROs on the financial market is to develop basic standards that are mandatory for all financial market players. The idea is that these basic standards would replace a part of regulation that currently exists in the form of regulatory acts of the Bank of Russia. Besides, basic standards will be adopted where level of regulation is currently low or non-existent.

To enhance the role of SROs on the financial market, it must be possible to delegate to SROs specific public powers and authority of both regulatory and supervisory nature.

The discussion will address the following issues:

  • Balance of SROs and regulator’s supervision competence over financial market players.
  • SRO control challenges. Control and disciplinary functions of SROs. Availability and efficiency of SROs’ sanctions against their members. Possibility to use corrective actions against the SRO members based on civil contract.
  • Validity of transferring of public authority to a SRO.
  • Ratio between SRO standardization activity and state regulation. SRO standards as a source of law.
  • Possibility of self-regulation in banking industry.


Vladimir Chistyukhin

Deputy Governor, Bank of Russia


Yuri Bugaev

Hairman of the Council, Association of Professional Insurance Brokers

Anatoly Kozlachkov

Partner, Law Centre 'Legal Advice and Consulting'

Mikhail Malinovskiy

General Director, LECAP Law Firm, Member of the Committee on Legislation in the Financial Market, National Financial Association of the Russian Federation

Nikolay Podguzov

Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

Konstantin Ugryumov

President, National Association of Non-State Pension Funds

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