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2.3. Challenges Legal Departments Have to Face in the Time of Breakthrough Technologies

Track: 2. Legal Profession


The Discussion Session is organized by the Association of Corporate Lawyers.

In tune with the time, RCCA raises most relevant issues of corporate business development.

The success of RCCA’s panel discussion at SPBILF 2016 — ‘Breakthrough Technologies. Are Corporate Legal Counsels Ready to Meet Them?’ — is one more evidence of the fact. The event caused much interest and heated discussions among SPBILF 2016 participants. The answer to the main question of the panel discussion — if corporate legal counsels were ready to face the related challenges — was evident, and the participants showed they were ready not only to meet the existing challenges but also to become leaders in the development of statutory regulation promoting innovations, which is a critical matter for both economy and national competitiveness development. RCCA, in its turn, expressed the intention to facilitate the process.

This year, RCCA is going to proceed with the discussion of breakthrough technologies and innovations from the point of view of the challenges to corporate legal departments resulting from the biggest-ever digital-technology leap and technological advance as a whole. To what extent are some activities computerization issues relevant to legal department leaders? Why do such notions as information technologies and digital innovations which have recently pertained only to industry and have been deemed extremely field-specific, are now the part of corporate lawyers’ vocabulary? Is it possible to assign some activities to legal robotic devices? These are only some issues heads of legal departments of major Russian and international corporations are going to raise at RCCA’s panel discussion.


Yuliya Bondarenko

Adviser on Legal Issues on the Commercialisation of New Products in Latin America and Canada regions, Philip Morris International, Member of Board, Russian Corporate Counsel Association


Ruslan Ibragimov

Vice President for Corporate and Legal Affairs, MTS PJSC, Member of Board, Russian Corporate Counsel Association

Igor Kondrashov

Vice-President - Director of the Legal Department, Sberbank SIB

Alexandra Nesterenko

President, Russian Corporate Counsel Association

Konstantin Rychkov

Senior Research Analyst, IDС

Olga Teplova

Head of Legal, Google Russia & CIS

*This schedule may be subject to change