Cross-Border Insolvency. Part 1

Friday , 19 May
09:30 - 10:30

Hall #1, General Staff Building (6-8, Dvortsovaya sq.)

Track: International Insolvency Forum


Organizer of the discussion session – International and Comparative Law Research Center


The modern world is characterized by the broad geography of economic operations and the dominance of transnational and cross-regional business entities. The build-up of international economic and commercial ties comes to a point where it is no longer possible to play by the national rule-book alone. This concerns most of all aspects of economic activity, and insolvency is no exception.

Cross-border insolvency is a topic that continues to gain relevance. This is confirmed, for instance, by the fact that an authority such as UNCITRAL has made cross-border insolvency a top priority topic in its work. Senior level UNCITRAL administrators have been invited to attend the forum, and their presence promises to make the cross-border insolvency debate more lively, productive and illuminating.

The plan is for the session to elicit where the international community currently is in its advancement of the framework principles of cross-border insolvency, review the international enforcement practice of cross-border insolvency clauses, identify the most controversial points in the settlement of cross-border insolvency issues, and assess the positive effects in those countries which do enforce the universally recognized cross-border insolvency principles


Sidney Brooks

Chief Bankruptcy Judge (retired) at U.S. Bankruptcy Court

Elena Mokhova

Associate Professor, International Law Department, Russian State University of Justice


Irina Narysheva

Partner, Head of Legal Services, KPMG Russia & CIS, JSC KPMG

Christoph Paulus

The Secretary, United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL)

Adolfo Rouillon

Judge (Retired), Civil and Commercial Court of Appeals, Rosario, Province of Santa Fe, Argentina

Renaud Sorieul

The Secretary, United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL)

Ekaterina Sorokovaya

General Director, International and Comparative Law Research Center

* The Programme may be subject to change