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Business programme

Plenary Session ‘Law in the Global Context’


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Lecture by Valery Zorkin, Chairman of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation

1. International Law. Rule of Law

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1.1. Discussion Session of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation

1.2. Economy and Law – Importance of Rule of Law for a Conductive Business Life

1.3. Modern Approaches to the Codification of Regulatory Requirements: Between Tradition and Innovation

1.4. Brexit: Legal Aspect

1.5. Regulatory Policy and State Governance

1.6. Trade Facilitation after the World Trade Organization Bali Agreements Entry Into Force

2. Legal Profession

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2.1. Trans-Boundary University Collaboration in Lawyer Training: Opportunities and Problems

2.2. Global Practice of Law and National Regulation of the Legal Services Business

2.3. Artistic Image of Lawyer

2.4. Is Big Beautiful - Growth Perspectives for Law Firms in the CIS and Beyond

2.5. Challenges Legal Departments Have to Face in the Time of Breakthrough Technologies

2.6. Business event of the Russian Federal Chamber of Lawyers

3. Smart Society

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3.1. Smart-lawyers: New Horizons of the Profession

3.2. Blockchain

3.3. Intellectual Property: from Idea to Innovation

3.4. Justice and Proportionality: How to Ensure the Individual Approach When Determining Compensation for Intellectual Property Rights Violations

3.5. Code Vs. Lex: Law as an Algorithm – the Existence of Laws in the New Technological Order

3.6. Legal Aspects of the International Marketing Campaigns

4. Investments. Finance

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4.1. Doing Business in Latin America: Business Opportunities and Key Legal Issues

4.2. Business events of the Bank of Russia

4.3. Discussion session under the auspices of the Federal Taxation Service of the Russian Federation

4.4. Game-Play Process on Tax Law

4.5. Financial Security

4.6. M&A

4.7. Japanese Investment in Russia

4.8. Banking Support of Procurement, Investment, and Project Financing Procedures

4.9. Future of E-procurement Market – Economic Model

6. Litigation and Arbitration Practice

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6.1. Standardization of Forensic Services, Forensic Initiative, Creative Approach to Forensic Activity: Opportunities and Limitations

6.2. Corporate and Complex Business Disputes in Arbitration. New Opportunities and New Challenges

6.3. Information Technology in Enforcement Proceedings

6.4. Discussion Session on Court Practice

7. Industry. Resources. Environment

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7.1. Presentation by the Federal Supervision Service for Environment, Technology and Nuclear Energy (Rostekhnadzor)

7.2. Energetics as an Infrastructural Branch of Economy: Problems of Legal Regulation and Development Perspectives

7.3. Development of the Legal Mechanisms of Environmental Activities of Enterprises

7.4. Issues of the Legal Regulation of Investment Projects: Construction of Large Industrial Complexes in Russia

7.5. Restrictions on Exports of High Technology Products. Rosatom Practice

7.6. Contractual Instruments in Sphere of Subsoil Use: International and Russian Experience

8. Cultural Heritage

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8.1. Discussion Session Under the Auspices of the State Hermitage

8.2. Legal View on Protection of Cultural Heritage in Interest of Society, Business and State

* This programme may be subject to change. Topics in italics will be clarified soon.